Community is strength

To dance is to connect to our ancestors, nature, and tribe in a powerful unspoken force of emotion that no other art form can imitate. In the firelight of prehistory, we can imagine communities gathering together, finding a rhythm that called them to move. Their bodies, voices, drums, and instruments create a beat, a melody that urged them to dance.

Over the years, this primal movement has been contained, given rules and technique. However, fundamentally we are still those first humans exploring our bodies and finding joy. With its foundation in improvisation, Creative Dance embraces this ancient tradition and brings it to a modern audience. Engaging mentally and physically with the music, ourselves and those sharing the space. To dance is to engage with our past, acknowledge the animal instinct that drives us in this way, and connect us with others.

Experiencing music physically through dance is euphoric, and when we share this together, it deeply bonds us. Perhaps this is why movement features in most rituals, using the body's power to connect on a deeper level to the world around us. It's also believed to have formed essential communication functions, not to mention the sharing of myths and the all-important attracting partners.

Connection is integral to dance and community, so it would be fair to say when Covid-19 hit,  there were concerns about how we might survive it. A society built on the shared experience of moving to music could never maintain that through computers and the internet, could it?

At Creative Dance London, we found our community was more than up to the challenge. Every Monday and Wednesday at 10am, we have come together to move, imagine, and dig into that instinct that says when music plays, we dance. We may be miles apart at times, with participants regularly joining from Florida, Italy and Edinburgh. Yet our spirits are lifted together by the engagement of our minds and muscles in the act of movement. 

The power of dance will mean different things to different people, but everyone will agree that it has the ability to transform us. Members of our community have shared their stories with us and frequently remind us of this incredible aspect of our classes; 

“Through dance I have been able to recognize, express and release unresolved emotional energy stored throughout my life and have come to appreciate my body.” (a CDL participant)

We asked our community to share descriptions of how dancing made them feel and above all others the word that stands out is joyful. What a wonderful way to feel on a Monday morning.

I can honestly say that there comes the point in most classes where I turn, the sun shines on my face, the music fills my senses, and my body takes over. At that moment, I cease to be. Instead, I embrace my animal self and move without thinking. I recognise this instant because I always smile; it replenishes my soul in a way no other action has or can.

Words by CDL Company Manager, Laura Pick

Give today to dance tomorrow.



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