“Music is the expression of the movement of the waters, the play of curves described by changing breezes.”

Claude Debussy

Image by sugar salt salt on tumblr

Throughout March and April 2021, our morning dance sessions were focusing on physically investigating the curves of sound, spaces, nature, the human body and light. Through this block of 12 classes across 6 weeks unlocked our imaginations to think, feel and dance. Each series is initially conceptualised by Elizabeth Arifien who compiles music and images and an idea to research in each of the sessions. The team then take Elizabeths initial thinking and input their valuable experiences. Our collaboration as a team of experience practitioners is what makes our sessions so unique and valuable to our community. Here is a sneak peek into the initial concept for CURVE.

Session one: SONIC WAVES

During this session, we focused on music and the sound waves created through different music and how our bodies react to vibrations and using the body and voice as an instrument. Participants wrote down their reactions to these sessions in a dance journal so that they could come back to their reflections at the end of the series. The aim of this session was to have questioned our relationship to music through our bodies.


How do we fit around the architecture of our spaces, how can we manipulate our bodies to connect with our space. Given lockdown has confined us to our spaces how can we create a new relationship to the homes we inhabit. We wanted participants to feel expansion in their spaces, however big or small they are in reality.


Working with a picture shared on screen during this session participants were asked to instinctively react to the imaginary story that is unfolding within the image. What moves could you make to reflect the image? Repeating the moves and began to create choreography from this story adding repetition and depth with height, weight, length etc. Participants were able to approach choreography and feel confident in their decision-making skills. 


We all have a relationship with our bodies whether positive or negative or a little in between. This session was about accepting our curves in all their glory for what they aren’t and what they are. The idea was to ask participants to bring a pen and paper and split the group up into pairs. One person draws the curves and lines created by their partner. Alternatively splitting the group in half and people can take inspiration from half of the group gaining inspiration wherever their attention is drawn to. We had a new appreciation for the bodies we inhabit. 


Step into your light! After last week's session now was the time to step into your light. What does this mean to you? How does it feel to play small in your light or to expand yourself to new heights? Participants should have left feeling empowered by stepping into their very own spotlight.

Session six: FULL CIRCLE

Let’s go full circle, we asked participants to reflect on their dance journal entry in session one. Can they create a sequence of movements that expresses their relationship to the word curve given their six-week journey? Using the tools provided through this series, what happens if the groups are split into groups of three and they create movement together?

Listen to the series playlist:

Give today to dance tomorrow.



Community is strength


Reflections on an extraordinary year by Creative Dance London Founder & Artistic Director, Elizabeth Arifien