Get creative with these 5 improvisation tasks you can do at home

Lockdown fatigue is real at the moment, so if you are feeling restless we have some bitesized improvisation tasks to inspire your next kitchen dance session.

Improvisation based dance sessions are what we are all about at Creative Dance London. The idea is to connect with your own body and movement with a clear framework to allow you the freedom to dance in the moment. You don’t need a dance studio or a stage, and improvising in a different space (like your living room) might actually inspire you to move in a new way. When you lose your inhibitions and get lost in your natural rhythm, you feel free and unconstrained, which is something we could all use right now.

Here are five improvisation exercises you can do at home to keep your body and mind moving.

1. Lead & Follow

2. Weaving

3. All Around

4. Shaping Words

5. Fabric Flow

Everyone is welcome to join one of our full length sessions, regardless of age or ability. 


Reflections on an extraordinary year by Creative Dance London Founder & Artistic Director, Elizabeth Arifien