Movement Waves with Vivian Triantafyllopoulou

Vivian Triantafyllopoulou comes from Greece and studied contemporary dance in Trinity Laban in London. She continued as a chosen member of the ‘Akram Khan Experiment’ and then she joined Jasmin Vardimon 2 professional development course, where she performed a national tour with pieces from AΦΕ, Vinicius Salles and Jasmin Vardimon Since then she has performed with Bittersuite , Vinicius Salles , Fernanda Prata, Ben Judd and Dionysios Tsaftaridis, Emily Robinson Dance, Follow Through collective, Olga Spyraki and others.

She was also a dancer for Melanie Lomoff in The Lowry and Rambert choreographic project. Vivian was also a dancer and choreographer’s assistant for Hagit Yakira’s community project ‘On Falling and Recovery’ and rehearsal director for Hagit’s project Dance for Platinum at Royal Albert Hall (2018). She has also curated, choreographed and performed in a festival for Museum of London.

She has performed in theaters like Royal Opera House, Richmix, Sadler’s Wells, The Place, Nothern Ballet and others.

She passionately teaches dance, dance theater and improvisation to kids, adults and professionals following safe and inclusive practices. She has taught for leading organisations such as Trinity Laban, The Place, Royal Academy of Dance, City Lit, Greenwich Dance and others. Vivian is the founder of workshops ; 'Energy and flow', a contemporary dance workshop and 'Movement waves' an outdoors community improvisation workshop-usually happening by the sea!

She created her own dance company in 2019 and her works ‘Ego Mas’ and’ Greener Grass’ have been supported by Tripspace, Chisenhale Dance, Arts Council England, Dance Cultural Center and others.

Vivian leads June’s workshop on Wednesday 1st, 6-7:30pm

What first inspired you to start dancing

Me and my best friends were making dances together since we were 5 to pop songs, performing them at the balcony or in the living room for our parents , or playing talent shows between us. So my friends and pop music is what got me started! 

What unique approach will you bring to the Movement Waves workshop?

My approach is friendly, human, honest. I like meeting people, offering a space where they can be themselves and bring in my experiences. I have a background in various styles of dance that inform my work. I also have a strong interest in psychology and movement connection. Moreover, being Greek somehow I always bring something from home with me , which is hard to explain, btu it is strongly there in my Movement Waves workshop, as it was originally created by the sea.

What do you value about the CDL community?

The openness, the passion for movement and how much they offer to the community. The fact that they also believe that dance is for everyone.

What would you say to someone who might feel nervous about trying dance improvisation for the first time?

As I usually say, it is all just movement! We use our body everyday, we turn, we change direction, we use our hands, we bend our knees to reach something, we groove when we hear a song we like. So it is all just movement our body already does. And also the instructions are so specific, you do not always even have time to think ‘Oh now I am improvising’. It is just movement.

What does dance mean to you, what has it taught you or helped you work through?

Dance has been there for me to celebrate my favourite moments, it is such a powerful expression that I haven’t been able to find in anything else. Also it is here for me when I am really down or something.

It has helped me during hard times, since I was a teenager, and given me a way to express feelings, gain confidence, be more in touch with my body and myself and at times just let it all out and connect to joy!

Why do you think dance, art and creativity in general are important in society?

I think it makes up more open, connects us to the moment and helps our well being. I believe that we can create a healthier, happier and more supportive society through arts.

Anything else to add, what are you working on at the moment?

I am freelancing, creating, teaching and performing and the moment I am so happy to meet lots of different people, from all ages and abilities. I am excited to perform my first long piece ‘Ego Mas’ in a Greek festival this summer and to teach Movement Waves and In more locations!


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