For millennia humans have found meaning in shapes. Roman augurs would see a flock of birds and determine the future, they’d search through entrails to depict destiny in the shape of a liver. While we have moved on from believing our futures are written in a sparrow's flight of fancy or a chicken's kidney, we still find meaning in the symbols and objects around us.

Our new series Shapeshifters will be exploring shapes we find in our everyday world, and how they are reflected in our imaginations. A selection of squares may look like a tunnel, might remind us of geometric designs, or bring to mind a memory. Triangles may remind us of hierarchies at work, the pyramids in Cairo, or a mountain we are yet to reach the top of.

Shapes and symbols are used constantly in marketing. Graphic designers study the use of symbols, how one will work when another won't. The deeper meaning we as the general public tend to take from seeing a hexagon or heart. Of course our feelings towards shapes will change. Someone in love will feel a rush of warmth on Valentine's day when we are flooded with red hearts and cherubs, while someone newly alone may feel terribly sad.

Using dance we will explore the physical shapes, but also what they mean to us as individuals. Creative Dance London believes our sessions aren’t just about moving - although that’s a large part of it - they’re also about feeling. Noticing our emotions as they pass through is a great way to understand why you do the things you do, why you love the things you love and dislike the things that really annoy you. 

As we move we create shapes naturally, the triangle of our arms, or the circle of a hug. It’s easy to become trapped in these motions, moving habitually without thinking. It's the same in dance, our bodies find a rhythm and stick with it. Our dance sessions break that mold. Our facilitators are constantly thinking of ways to break free from routine and the usual way we move. We use play and exploration to discover fresh and exciting ways to transform ‘normal’ into ‘new’.

Our sessions are a chance for you to connect to more than music and the people around you, it’s a chance to connect with yourself. Through our sessions you’ll use playful movement to discover what various shapes create within you, whether that’s emotions, movement or memories.

While we may not use shapes to predict the future anymore, we certainly can use them to check in with ourselves and learn something new.

Join Eilidh Scott for this new series of dance sessions from the 15 September 1-2pm.


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