YogaDance with Kay Scorah

Each month Creative Dance London invites a fellow creative to share with us the ways in which they create transformation through creativity. In September Kay Scorah will be introducing us to the world of YogaDance. 

Kay brings a vast catalogue of skills which all weave together for insightful yet joyful sessions where you are accompanied in uncovering hidden layers. Kay graduated with a degree in Biochemistry at the same time as she was discovering contemporary dance. Finding a disparity between the arts and science world she relieved her frustration exploring ways of communicating her ideas through movement and images, as well as words.

Through courses in acting, yoga therapy, stand up comedy and as many dance classes as possible she has studied the art of being true to yourself and enjoying it. Founding Have More Fun, a company that strives to bring together the best of arts practice, scientific discipline and management theory. Helping people communicate more precisely and clearly, ensuring they bring more of themselves to their roles as leaders.

We are really looking forward to Kay’s session on 1 September, and asked her a few questions to learn more about her event and her particular brand of creativity.

What does Creativity mean to you?

I can summarise my own personal creative process as “Notice. Crash. Edit". That is, I try to give myself time to notice what’s going on within me and around me. That could be anything at all; memories, moves, vegetables, emotions, thoughts, children playing, birds singing, roadworks, music… And then I play with crashing some of the things I’m noticing into one another, especially things which seem on the surface to be disconnected, and looking for combinations that feel interesting to me. Then comes editing - a part which I really love - where I turn to the skills I’ve accumulated over years learning, and the talented collaborators that I’m lucky enough to have in my life, and begin the process of crystallising what it is I’m trying to say. What’s the most meaningful move I can find here? What's the right combination of words? What image communicates the spirit of what I’m trying to express? 

For me, the creative process is never finished. I might put something out there into the world, but I do it in the knowledge that, if I were to write or perform it again, it would be different.

In what ways have you experienced transformation through creativity?

For me there are 2 sides to this. The first is the way that I have been transformed by the creativity of others. I remember reading books by Charles Dickens as a child and identifying so strongly with some of the characters that I felt comforted by the knowledge that the author understood me, even though I felt that I was a complete outsider. I was lucky enough to go to plays, dance shows and musicals when I was young and to experience the miracle of being moved to tears or joy and sadness by simply watching someone move or speak. The other side of it is the way that my own creativity, especially when I co-create with others, can change my view of myself and the world and allow me to uncover the real me, the one that can’t be classified by an algorithm. I remember being on a Butoh dance workshop with Oguri (who is a wonderful teacher and mover) and simply walking blindfolded through the woods in North Wales and realising, “This is me. Just walking. I am enough”. 

What would you say to someone who wants more creativity in their life?

Change habits so that you notice more. Take risks and have the courage to allow yourself to feel deeply. Surround yourself with people who ask you questions rather than try to give you answers. If you’re not with people who support and inspire you, be alone. Look around. 

What makes your event special?

I’m personally frustrated by the way that yoga has been so “branded” and formulaic over the years. I’m grateful that I had yoga teachers and attended a teacher training course that helped me realise that an authentic yoga practice is that which comes from within; one which you design for your own body, right here, right now. 

Even I have no idea what will happen at our YogaDance session! What I do know is that we will be working with the very essence of yoga, which is the union of mind, body and spirit. So, this isn’t only a sequence of yoga poses, but an opportunity for everyone to find their unique path from one pose to another, and to focus on what each movement does for them, physically, mentally and emotionally. I hope that everyone will leave with the understanding and some of the tools to help them dance their way into their own yoga practice every day, with or without a teacher.

Join us and Kay on 1 Sept from 6-7.30pm to try YogaDance for yourself.


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