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Sculpting Narratives: Free online morning dance classes

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Every Monday and Wednesday from 10-11am aimed at adults 60+

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

The next 6 weeks will see you physically investigating stories. Stories we tell ourselves and others along with untold stories yet to be created. We will also look at myths and even create our own. Through this block of 12 sessions across 6 weeks we will be unlocking our imaginations to new experiences.

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Mondays with dance artist Emily Robinson

Wednesdays with dance artist Molly Wright

We will send you a zoom link in an email 2 hours prior to the class. If you need support we will try our best to help you get online and dancing. You can reach us at our email address; [email protected]

On Monday's we have an optional coffee and catch up at 11am, after the session. Join us for a friendly chat with like-minded people. Email [email protected] to express interest or simply add to your order.

Celebrating community and championing diversity. Creative Dance London facilitates transformation through creativity, with a vision for a world that celebrates individuals for who they are. Our sessions are a chance for people to experiment and explore their physical and creative abilities. There is no right or wrong when moving with us.


Our current Monday & Wednesday sessions are supported by National Lottery Funding until late summer 2021. In order to deliver highly creative and accessible sessions online in these uncertain times for you, our dance community, we would be grateful if you were able to make a donation that reflects your current finical capacity.

You can also donate via PayPal:

June 2

'Art With The Body In Mind' with Steve Chapman