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Qi Gong with Mark Shayler

On the first Wednesday of each month, Creative Dance London collaborate with an experienced facilitator, company or artist to deliver a session where you can experience transformation through creativity. In August, Mark Shayler will be delivering a one-off Qi Gong taster session.

Qi Gong is a 5,000-year old preventative medicine based on movement, breathing and meditation. All movements are based on natural movements, for example the way the wind moves trees, the way water flows.

Mark has been doing Qi gong for about a decade but it wasn’t until day one of the first lockdown in the UK that he decided to turn the camera on and go live on Instagram to practise Qi gong. He thinks day one there were seven watchers, at least three of these lived in his house! Steadily the people joining grew and a community started to form, he named it the Qigang. Mark then trained as a Qi gong teacher. The Qigang are spread across the globe but they come together with Mark each morning at 8 am over @theqigang to practise together, to support each other and to grow together. Qi gong is a smorgasbord. Take the exercise, take the chat, take the spiritual stuff, take the meditation. Take what you need.

No equipment needed. Suitable for complete beginners.

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About Mark Shayler

When Mark is not practising Qigong he is co-founder of his Innovation and Sustainability agency, Ape; public speaking or running personal development workshops; and an author of two books. He is also co-founder of Reasons to be Cheerful and a Founding Partner of The Do Lectures

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August 4

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